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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Burn Barrel

Burn barrels are frequently used in rural areas without trash pickup services. It is a convenient way of getting rid of a mess, but can result in smelly and dangerous air pollution.   A lot of plastics end up in the trash can. Many plastics contain […]

Water Fluoridation – Dogma vs. Science

I’ll be writing some articles comparing Actual Research vs. Medical Dogma. Here is an excerpt from some research I have been doing for school: …both the pro- and anti-fluoridation positions are equally dogmatic, and claim to be using unbiased scientific studies to support their claims. […]

Milk – History and Safety

Milk is a food that is unique in that its primary purpose is to nourish a growing mammal. Animal milk is a traditional food that has been consumed for thousands of years in many varied cultures (Rose, 2015). Because milk spoils very quickly, it has […]