Are Vaccines Morally Objectionable for Christians?

This post is written for Christians who use the Bible as the basis of morality. We believe that science is used as a tool for learning truth, but is not a god in itself.

You shall have no other gods before me

Exodus 20

To trust in a human to save us is to make a false god. The belief that “The shot will protect me” is idolotrous. This is evidenced by the push to vaccinate, in spite of a lack of scientific evidence of safety and efficacy (blind faith).

The Old Testament of the Bible contains a mosaic of different types of writing. Much of it is historical. For example, Genesis documents the patriarchs, and retells ordinary human events from God’s perspective. The Old Testament also documents God’s interacting with people by giving them the moral Law, and instructing them in how to live godly lives. For example, the Ten Commandments are a summary the civil code, and “Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself” is a summary of the moral law. Other passages, for example in Leviticus, are instructions on how the leaders were to set up a civil government. For example, instructions in setting up the tabernacle, making sacrifices, and regulating the laws of a theocratic society.

Much of the Old Testament does not apply to believers today, although we must recognize that God is infinite in wisdom, and every Word of God contains wisdom and is useful for our instruction, and should influence our lives. During post industrial Europe, millions suffered miserable deaths from plagues and pandemics because they did not follow basic sanitary practices. Lack of sanitation, along with inadequate nutrition resulted in susceptibility to deadly diseases. Many more died from primitive medical practices, such as toxic drugs and primitive vaccines. Hand washing, bathing, sewage disposal, and basic cleanliness and better food would have saved countless lives. Instead, people turned to the primitive physicians, who prescribed toxic poisons, and didn’t wash their hands between performing an autopsy then delivering a baby.

Vaccines are a violation of the scriptures in many ways.

  • Most are made with cell lines from aborted babies. Fetal cells are used in research and testing, if not used for making the virus. The vaccine industry is very dependent on the abortion industry, as David Daleiden has demonstrated.
  • Eating blood is prohibited by both the Old and New Testaments of The Bible. Blood serum of various animals is often used in vaccines.
  • The discharge from an infected sore was considered unclean, for obvious reasons, in Leviticus 13. Early vaccines were made from pus from an infected sore, in a technique called variolation. Later techniques used pus and secretions from infected organs of unclean animals. A plethora of unknown viruses were passed back and forth from humans to animals, making modified viruses. Modern techniques use purified cell lines, but have poor effectiveness without the use of adjuvants, which are toxins designed to cause inflammation and to dis-regulate the adaptive immune system. Immunologists know that this is bad practice, but those in charge do not tolerate dissenting views.
  • Novel technologies use mRNA and synthetic viruses. So far, they seem many of the same problems as earlier vaccines. This technology has the potential to work better, or the potential to cause greater harm. Those who are sounding the alarm in opposition include respected scientists, such as Robert Malone (the inventor of mRNA technology), and Nic Montenier (a Nobel Prize winning virologist), Judy Mikovits (Virogist) and many others. Doesn’t it require profound faith in science to allow someone to inject a manmade virus capable of altering genetics function? “Faith” and “science” are two words that shouldn’t be used together.
  • Sorcery and witchcraft are strongly prohibited on every page of the Bible. Science is not. How can we tell the difference? God has given certain guidelines and limits on how we are to interact with the natural world. In Genesis 1, after God had finished creating light, plants, animals, humans, and everything else, the passage says, “And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” (KJV). I personally believe a more accurate translation would say “God pronounced a blessing over His creation.” Likewise, humans are able to create. We can pronounce blessings (or otherwise) over the things we create. Someone associated with the occult may pronounce a satanic blessing over their potions. Is this the case with vaccines or other drugs? I don’t know, but it’s within the realm of possibility. We should be aware of where our medicines come from.
  • Humans always fall into error when we believe ourselves to be smarter than God. For example, in the early 20th century the American Pediatrics Association endorsed infant formula as superior to breast milk. Formula was more “modern” and technologically advanced, since it was developed by qualified scientists who understood vitamins. God does not honor hubris.
  • Likewise, modern “experts” believe that they can improve the function of the immune system. Scientists improve on God’s design of the immune system by using toxic chemicals to elicit an inflammatory response. With an over-active TH-2 immune response, they introduce an antigen, and magically they’ve created “immunity”. This is just as barbaric as using mercury to treat infections, or bloodletting. Or teaching that powdered infant formula is superior to human milk. This practice should have ended long ago, but there is too much money at stake to change course.
  • Jesus’ strongly condemned those who witnessed the power of God, and attributed those miracles to Satan. How much more serious a crime it must be for us, who through modern technology are able to observe the intricacies of biology and the human immune system, attribute these miracles to “evolution”?
  • Fraud, threats, and injustice are not consistent with God’s purpose. Physicians who challenge dogma or expose fraud are fired. Those who publish contrary research promptly lose their medical license, as recently happened to Dr. Paul Thomas and others. Primitive vaccines, such as the early Polio and Dryvax Smallpox shots had disastrous results, and served only to spread disease and suffering, while enriching shareholders. Like followers of a cult, people are convinced that “vaccines saved the world from Smallpox and Polio” which is the anthesis of reality. Drug companies are known to have created hit lists of whistleblowers or those who promote alternative treatments.
  • Vaccine research is often a cover for the development of bio-weapons. If you witnessed the exchange between Senator Dr. Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci, the discussion was about research funded by the NIH and NAIAD for the purpose of vaccine development, or “research”. Gain-of-function research is used to develop vaccines (or possibly for bioweapons). Laboratory leaks, accidental or otherwise, can have tragic consequences.
  • Practitioners of science-based-medicine take the Hippocratic oath which begins with: First do no harm. To compel another person to participate in a dangerous experiment is a mockery of any code of ethics.

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