Muscle Tension

What can you do for tight muscles, especially in the shoulders and back?

Poor posture can be a cause (forward head posture)

  • Use better sitting posture
  • Consult a PT (Moench method)
  • Pettibon Chiropractor for exersizes and therapies to improve posture
  • Personal trainer can give you exercises to strengthen weak muscles, which will maintain good posture and stabilize joints. Joint instability can cause spasams.

Poor metabolism, or circulation

  • Tens unit to activate weaker muscles
  • Aerobic exercise to improve circulation
  • Massage (Thai or deep tissue) to

Supplements to improve mitochondrial function

  • Creatine
  • Magnesium
  • Thiamine, and other B-vitamins
  • Carnitine, if needed
  • Red/NIR light therapy

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