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Water Fluoridation – Dogma vs. Science

I’ll be writing some articles comparing Actual Research vs. Medical Dogma. Here is an excerpt from some research I have been doing for school: …both the pro- and anti-fluoridation positions are equally dogmatic, and claim to be using unbiased scientific studies to support their claims. […]


This program is intended for women who are planning to get pregnant within six months to two years. According to some research, metabolic syndrome, breast cancer, and heart disease are influenced by sub-optimum nutrition during early development, such as maternal obesity or malnutrition. Poor maternal […]

Milk – History and Safety

Milk is a food that is unique in that its primary purpose is to nourish a growing mammal. Animal milk is a traditional food that has been consumed for thousands of years in many varied cultures (Rose, 2015). Because milk spoils very quickly, it has […]