“Surround sound” speakers in your church?

A lot of people are unhappy with the PA speakers in our sanctuary (myself included) here at the Lanham IDD7. A few people have suggested putting speakers in the back of the sanctuary pointed forward, or around the edges. The idea is to re-create the 

Some cool products that won’t break the budget

Consoles It seems obvious, but always think about your needs in the future, not the present. Before you buy something, try to find someone who has one to let you try it out. These days I don’t think analog consoles are worth considering, unless you 

Recording Church Services with Audacity

I’ll be discussing the basics of using your computer to capture the audio of your weekly service and making sermon MP3’s or audio CD’s using the Audacity recording program. Copyrights: Before you record or broadcast a worship service, make sure you have the rights to