Organic Pumpkin Seed Cassava 12 Bars


Organic Pumpkin Seed Cassava 12 Bars


Organic Pumpkin Seed Cassava Bar with Macadamia Nuts is made with one of my favorite sources of high-quality fats: macadamia nuts. Delicious in flavor, macadamia nuts contain the same omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid found in olive oil as well as oleic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and manganese.

Pumpkin Seed Cassava Bars contain botanical protein from pumpkin seeds and pea protein, and fiber from cassava root, dates and pumpkin seeds.

While Pumpkin Seed Cassava Bars are not dipped in chocolate like my Cocoa Cassava Bars, they’re equally as soft, moist and chewy. And they taste just like a cinnamon-kissed homemade treat!

Each bar contains only 5 grams of sugars – a fraction of the sugars found in other top-selling snack bars. And they contain no refined sugar or genetically engineered corn syrup.

Forget the refined sugars, excess carbohydrates and genetically modified ingredients. Instead, go with fiber-rich whole foods for a gourmet snack bar that you’ll enjoy again and again.

Available individually or by the box of 12 bars!

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Ingredients: Dietary fiber syrup• (Isomalto-oligosaccharide [from cassava root•]), cashew butter• (dry roasted cashew nuts•, sunflower oil•), cassava root flour•, date paste•, pumpkin seeds•, brown rice crisps•, macadamia nuts•, pea protein•, tapioca syrup•, nuvous• (inulin•, stevia [leaf] extract•, lycium [fruit] extract•, orange flavor•), natural flavors•, cinnamon powder•. •certified organic ingredients.


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